Search Relevance

Cogito is providing a completely personalize Search relevance service to help business owners use the search engine for getting more relevant results. Cogito is expertise in improving the search matrices and get the most suitable results on search engines. It is using the most advance techniques and with onsite investigation and detailed report to better understands the search process and help ecommerce and other online business owners to get best results.

Cogito Offers Search Relevance Service with following Benefits:

  • Improve the satisfaction of users
  • Results with Quality Assurance
  • Improve the Conversion rates
  • overall search function or engine quality
  • Reduce bounce rates due to relevant results
  • Evaluation of multiple search results quickly
  • Work with flexible work force for scalable service

Cogito have team of experts to provide a world-class service while ensuring the customize needs of the clients at the same time ensuring the quality and timely delivery of projects. Our Search Relevance service is available for ecommerce, online retail and other types of business owners who want to promote their business online using the search engine platforms to give the most suitable results. We will definitely help you to increase bounce rate on your website that will help you to improving the customer satisfaction at each level.

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